Attendo Consult Ltd. was established in 2004 by Jesper M. Rasmussen. 

Jesper M. Rasmussen started to work with the Microsoft Dynamics NAV product in 1988. In the early years with IBM Denmark, who controlled the distribution rights to Dynamics NAV in Denmark in those years.

These were early days for Dynamics NAV, as the product had only been released in late 1987. Much of the work was focused on establishing and developing a distribution channel, training the staff within the channel partners and generally promoting Dynamics NAV as a product.

In 1992 Jesper moved on to Navision Software (the authors of the Dynamics NAV product). Here Jesper continued in roles like Support and Training Manager for the Danish channel, while at the same time supporting the international development of Navision Software as a company and Dynamics NAV as a product.

In 1996 Jesper was offered a job with Navision UK, the newly created UK company, which was localising Dynamics NAV for the UK and responsible for rolling it out. During the years that followed, Jesper covered roles like Support, Training and Certification Manager for the UK operation.
After Microsoft Corporation acquired Navision Software in July 2002, Jesper moved into a Pre-sales Consultant role until he decided to leave Microsoft UK and start Attendo Consult Ltd.

Over the years Jesper has provided assistance to many partners in several countries in the following areas:

·       Partner start-up
·       Partner Business Development
·       Product Support
·       Product Training
·       Sales and Implementation Methodologies
·       Project Management
·       Resolving customer-partner relationship issues

Jesper is a recognised expert in the following products:

·       Microsoft Navision and all the add-ons:
        o      Commerce Gateway
        o      Business Analytics
        o      Business Notification
        o      Smart Tags
·       Demand Planner for MBS Products

Jesper holds an Master degree in Mechanical Engineering
and a Bachelor degree in Business Economics and Organisation.

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